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GCI-Hospitality is a leader in providing unique and streamlined solutions to the hospitality industry.

From basic conceptualization, design, all the way to operator turnover, GCI-Hospitality supports your team and venture from start to finish. We make sure efficiency, schedules, innovation and overall quality are maintained in your hospitality and food service projects. As a solution-provider and enabling team member, we help you maximize returns on investment.

Over the last two decades, our expertise has deepened with every accomplished project. We now provide professional services in a variety of complementary fields such as management, finance, food & beverage, architecture and engineering. We keep project needs and goals in mind across all work aspects. Our holistic and coordinated approach is what ultimately gives you and your ventures the competitive advantage.

  • Efficiently delivers innovative solutions within schedule
  • Guides hospitality projects from beginning to end
  • Maximizes returns on investment
  • Provides its clients a competitive advantage

Our Approach

As a solutions-provider and maximizer of return on investment, we abide by these basic principles:

  • General Approach.
    Our work ethic centers around promptness in meeting deadlines, quality management and hands-on involvement.
  • Project Task Evaluation.
    Successful projects commence with a clear understanding of desired results. Excellent communication with clients and entire project teams is the basis for accurate, feasible project briefs. Initial concepts constantly inform project development through periodic reviews, ensuring the achievement of intended end goals.
  • Team Management.
    Every project requires a hand-picked team of consultants who each contribute their expertise in different fields.

We are well-positioned to form the best teams to suit your needs.

GCI-Hospitality is affliated with experienced professionals, all specializing in the hospitality industry.

To Our Partners

Most consulting firms specialize in a narrow field of expertise while catering to a wide customer base, providing their services to many clients across many industries.

Since the birth of the company in 1993, GCI-Hospitality has set itself apart by exclusively serving the Hospitality Industry, providing an expansive range of services and solutions to specific clients in the field. We concern ourselves with anything and everything to do with the industry, and are equipped to enable every aspect of hospitality projects, across all stages of development. From feasibility studies to concept development, design and implementation, we offer unique solutions with our clients in mind.

GCI-Hospitality is a team of experts and in-house professionals from various fields such as management, finance, food & beverage as well as architecture and engineering. We also work with a network of reliable, independent experts in specialized fields such as lightning and acoustics.

GCI-Hospitality delivers well-coordinated and integrated projects, made possible by an in-depth understanding of hotels, restaurants and food service. Our combined experience and passion for the industry puts us in a position to guide and flourish your ventures.

Felix Guggenheim, FCSI


To suit the diversity of our clients’ requirements we provide a formidable fusion of man and technology: a multidisciplinary team with the know-how enhanced by the most advanced automated tools of the trade and a database extracted from dozens of projects throughout the region. This array of services is geared to a very narrow and well-defined customer base and may range from partial services to our full scope of work.

    Management Advisory Services

  • Work Cycle Study
  • Menu Development
  • Service System Planning
  • Staffing Guide
  • Operational Finance Analysis
  • Concept Development
  • Industry Information Survey
  • Site Selection Model

    Design Services

  • Concept Development
  • Conceptual Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Specialty Design
    • Kitchen Design
    • Laundry Design
  • Engineering Design
    • HVAC
    • Electrical Design
    • Mechanical Design
  • Coordinated Engineering Design

    Technical Services

  • Design Guide Development
  • Facilities Brief
  • Area Planning
  • Architectural Design Review
  • Engineering Design Review
  • Interior Design Review
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Selection


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EMAIL: info@gci-hospitality.com

PHONE: +63 2 635 2350

FAX: +63 2 635 2350

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